Jennifer Lawrence's Airbrushing Fail Goes GIF

Sometimes, airbrushing errors really are the gifts that keep on giving. If nothing else, we can laugh about certain magazines' and retailers' attempts to trick us into thinking Movie Star X has an abnormally high belly button or that Supermodel Y's waist really is the size of a paperback novel. Oh, you guys. Good one.

Thanks to some keen-eyed Tumblr users, we've got a new reason to appreciate the airbrushing disaster that is Jennifer Lawrence's June 2011 cover for Canada's Flare Magazine. The heavily edited shoot has been transformed into GIF form giving us a chance to see the before and after in a whole new light. It's been more than two years, and we're still scratching our heads as to why the gorgeous, Gucci-clad J Lawr had to have her hands retouched, boobs hiked up, and arms whittled down to toothpick proportions.

Hit the next page for a detailed look at the changes made to her waist and face.

Photo: Courtesy of FLARE Magazine/Via Tumblr.
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